Great Places To Own Real Estate In Southern California

I am a personal fan of traveling and have seen quite a few places. My favorite place to live is hands down Southern California.

Having purchased a few homes myself over the years I have compiled a mental list of my top locations that anybody should consider. This is seriously compressed and comprises a few that I love. If you haven’t at least visited any of these areas I suggest stopping by if you get the chance.

So without further rambling, here are three prime locations to own real estate near the golden coast.

#1 – San Diego County

Anyone could enjoy living here. You can find everything from exciting and family friendly theme parks, Hip and lively nightclubs, or sunny beautiful beaches. This is the kind of place to vacation and reside in if you want to never become bored.

The only thing I dislike about San Diego is the crowded freeways.

#2 – Big Bear

If you’re looking for a more rural ambiance the Big Bear is the answer.

This is a small little city built in the San Bernardino national forest. Mountains, wildlife, and friendly folks await you in this cozy town. There are many local attractions and you can find nice log cabins for sale that offer a once in a lifetime experience of living in the woods.

This is also a great place for fishing and many people from surrounding areas come to catch some of the best bass for miles. Heck you can even go snowboarding and skiing most of the year on two different mountain resorts 10-20 minutes from anywhere in Big Bear.

#3 Santa Barbara

For some reason I am magnetized to beach type areas, maybe it’s my love of seafood and surfing!

That aside this is a very unique place to consider buying real estate or opening a business in Southern California. There is always trade and business being done on the streets of Santa Barbara whether it’s at the local farmers markets or people getting retail therapy in the posh clothing and art stores that line the boardwalk.

Plan on spending money when you come here because it is very hard to resist the local delicacies. There is always some miraculous festival scheduled or performing arts event in progress.

Cinema is a main staple here also. Movie buffs come from all around the world to get a taste of the magic made in the theaters.

Sure there are tons of other places you could choose to buy real estate, but southern California offers the most variety when it comes to interests. At least visit some of these places and you will soon realize what I mean.